The LeapLab Group

The Light-matter interactions and Extreme Application Photonics Laboratory (LeapLab) is research group dedicated to R+I with wide experience in the field of micro- and nano-photonics. It belongs to the the Department of Physics of the University of La Laguna, located in Tenerife, Spain. The LeapLab is led by Dr. Airán Ródenas Seguí, and currently works or participates in several regional, national and international R+D projects.

Photonic-Crystal Waveguide direcly Micro-structured inside a crystaline medium

Several nano-structured gratings array fabricated in a few mm crystal

The group has a dedicated laboratory equipped for modelling, simulation, design, fabrication and characterization of photonic devices with ultrafast lasers, 3D linear nanopositioning stages, nanolithography, software tools and general instrumentation for optics and photonics characterization. Besides, the LeapLab researchers have access to a variety of other facilities such as SEM, TEM, STEM, EDX and other equipment for nanostructural characterization, chemistry laboratories, etc.

The main research activity, and line of the GRAIL Project, is the fabrication of nano-structures in glassy and crystalline materials. The method we employ, firstly reported by the LeapLab leader Dr. Airán Ródenas [1], allows us to create complex structures such as nanopores, metalenses, gratings, waveguides, microfluidics, etc directly embedded in optical components as can be doped and un-doped crystals or optical fibers.

Overview of 3D laser nanolithography structures in YAG laser crystals.

[1] Ródenas, A. et al. «Three-dimensional femtosecond laser nanolithography of crystals,» Nature Photonics 13, 105, 2019